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Quality Soaker Hose Of The Past!

Aquapore/Fiskars Soaker Hose products seeps water the entire distance of the pipe. Made in part from recycled automobile tires. (Discontinued by Fiskars in 2006). Fiskars soaker hose was sold under many different labels, some you might recognize. Super quality product! For those of you that used the 1/2" soaker hose that used those black and yellow fittings.......yes they are still made today, and even an expanded parts list of those products to crosses, valves, even parts kits.


            Aquapore .710 Professional Series Porous Pipe

Made in part from recycled automobile tires. Fiskars professional soaker hose seeps water the entire distance of the pipe. .710 compression fittings should be used. This low pressure system is designed to work with a Fiskars pressure regulator. Not recommended for hilly terrain. Maximum run length is 100'.

.710 OD Porous pipe by Aquapore/Moisturemaster/Fiskars.

The flow rate is .80-1.20 GPM per 10' of hose with a Fiskars regulator. Burst pressure is 90 PSI.

We recommend using at least a 200 mesh filter and or a calcium filter to help prevent clogging of the soaker hose.  #129 plastic stakes secure the tubing to the ground.

Color: Black dull finish with 2 parallel red stripes.

Pipe is to run across the face of the slope. Never run porous pipe vertically up or down slope. Porous pipe is not to have more than 2' elevation for 100' or more of pipe run. Spacing of porous pipe, average 15" oc for specialty turf, 24" oc for shrubbery and 12" oc for ground cover. Depth average is 6". Depth may vary from 4" to 8", adjustment of pipe layout may be necessary to accommodate plantings. Place porous pipe 4" to 6" from walkways, curbs and pavement. Area's where no water is needed, or in running your water supply to the designated area's use .710 Mainline tubing.