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Timers allow you to automatically water your flowers, garden from a faucet or a rain barrel.



#542 Solar Timer (Single Outlet)

  • Solar Panel charges 2-AA rechargeable batteries

  • Rain Sensor automatically shuts down timer when wet

  • Low Power Indicator

  • Works with no pressure

  • Will time as little as 15 seconds

  • Use on a faucet, rain barrel, greenhouse or for propagation



#543 Solar Timer (Dual Outlet)

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kits are complete and ready to use with your rain barrel.



#193, 193T Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kits

  • Kits are complete with rain barrel soaker hose, poly tubing, filter and fittings, ready to hook up to your rain barrel. Expandable, by purchasing extra soaker hose, poly tubing and/or fittings.  Get your barrel and start watering your vegetables, flowers,  trees and shrubs right away.

  • Kit 193T, Includes #542 Solar Timer

Soaker Hose Calcium Filter increases the life of your soaker hose.

  Soaker Hose Calcium Filter can be used for soaker hose, drip irrigation and mist systems to help reduce clogging by capturing iron and calcium particles that build up in soaker hoses and in drip emitters. Unit is male x female garden hose thread and easy installs into garden hose fittings. Depending on water usage, average life is approximately 1 year.