Soaker Hose.......News, FAQ, Color Codes, Types, Tips and Installation Information.




Industry standards for bulk soaker hose determines the right product for the right job:

1/4" Micro Soaker Hose (no color stripe) Use in small pots and containers.

.420 Soaker Hose (White Stripe). Perfect size for raised beds, large pots, vineyards. Approximately 1/4" inside diameter (not for use with 1/4" micro fittings)

.580 Soaker Hose (Yellow Stripe). Used for most small home gardening, flower bed applications. Approximately 3/8" inside diameter

.700 Soaker Hose (Red Stripe). Larger gardening and landscaping areas. Approximately 1/2" inside diameter

.820 Soaker Hose (Green Stripe). Where long runs are needed up to 250' in length. Also used for foundations in heavy clay soil, usually in many areas of Texas. Approximately 5/8" inside diameter

.580 Rain Barrel Soaker Hose (Purple Stripe). Requires no pressure. Best results around 75'-100' closed loop system and a slightly elevated rain barrel. Approximately 3/8" inside diameter